Friday, June 20, 2008

Food in season

Library of Congress

Eating fruits and vegetables in season is better for your health and the environment. Growing a tomato in a greenhouse in December takes a lot more resources than a summer-grown tomato. And that June tomato has more nutrients, too. And it probably tastes better. But say you grew up in a city or the suburbs. And you have no access or inclination to garden. And your farmers market is filled with out of season produce from Chile (I'm looking at you Dallas). How do you know what's in season? Epicurious, the Web site associated with Bon Appetite and Gourmet magazines, has a peak-season map. And the Natural Resources Defense Council has a more extensive list. And often, your local paper will have a list of what to expect at the farmers market.

Not everyone has a farmers market or produce stand near by. And often, they're only open a few hours a week, possibly when you're working or, um, sleeping in. And that's OK. Even the vegetables at your local grocery store will be cheaper and healthier when you buy in season.

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