Sunday, April 27, 2008

Passover No More

Passover is (finally!) over. It seemed much harder than usual this year, but I suspect that had more to do with some interview induced cookie cravings than anything else. Here is my first post-Passover meal. I had spinach-cannellini dip with toast rounds, radishes straight up from the Farmers' Market, and corn cakes topped with spicy cinnamon tomatoes. Oddly enough, the radishes were the best part of the meal. They're still tiny, so they aren't too pungent. The man who sold them to me gave me an extra bag for free, so I'm sure I'll be enjoying them all week. (Free produce is only one benefit of being a lie-abed.)

I had high hopes for the cinnamon tomatoes, but they were only so-so. I'm hoping the flavors will do that mingling thing and they'll taste better tomorrow morning. If they do, I'll post the recipe. If not, they'll have a second life as pasta sauce.

The tomatoes were a bust. It was this recipe from the Kitchn. They made a great spaghetti sauce though. Tomato sauce cooked with cinnamon and bay leaves actually ended up being my favorite back when I tried to make all of Bittman's pasta sauces.

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