Sunday, June 29, 2008

Roasted okra

Okra is another one of those misunderstood vegetables. And I admit it has an obvious drawback. It can be rather slimy. There are two ways to deal with the sliminess of okra. One way is to make the most of it and use okra in a stew. The other, is to cook it whole. If you don't cut the okra, the sliminess is trapped within. My favorite way to prepare okra, and really any unloved vegetable, is to roast it. My strategy for roasting is the same for just about any vegetable. Add copious amounts of oil and salt, and then roast at 350 degrees until soft and slightly browned or blackened.

In the oven, oil tends to stubbornly stick to the roasting pan. Many people suggest lining the roasting pan with tin foil. I hate throwing out all that foil though. Instead, I have one pan devoted to roasting vegetables. It is not a pretty pan, but that's OK. It does its job.


Chile said...

Love roasted okra! There is one more way to deal with the slimy factor: eat young pods raw as a snack. (Don't chop - that increases the slime.) A lady at a produce stand clued me in to this one and now I eat all the little ones this way.

mollyjade said...

I'm a little afraid to try that, which is a great reason to do it. I'll have to pick up some more okra next week.