Thursday, December 13, 2007

Spicy yogurt tempeh

This is an Indian-style dish, but I can't share the recipe. I'm helping an Internet friend test some recipes for a future cookbook/zine. But this is a cooking style that's pretty common in Indian food. I basically marinated the tempeh in a special soy yogurt sauce for a few hours and then pan fried it. Unfortunately, the pan frying set off my fire alarm. This was a learning experience. I learned that I can't pan fry on medium-high and that I may not know my neighbors' names, but they'll come running down the street if they think my house is on fire. These are good things to know.

After the fire alarm died down, I finished cooking the tempeh over medium heat. The ten minute wait didn't seem to hurt it much. I used the leftover marinade to cook up some mixed bell peppers, and I served it with leftover quinoa.