Thursday, January 3, 2008

Oh, Sugar Sugar: A Photo Essay

I spent a week in December making edible presents for my family. At left, candied grapefruit peel. I made this (and candied orange peel) by boiling pieces of citrus peel in water a few times to get rid of any bitterness and to soften the peel. Then I boiled it in a sugar solution, and tada, candy!

I did the same thing with pieces of ginger. Except, the ginger needs a lot more sugar to get that crystallizing action going.

And here's the grapefruit peel dipped in chocolate along with some pieces of dried apricot. I must admit that I did not dry my own apricots. A girl only has so much time!

Some of the crystallized ginger took a bath in the chocolate too, but at that point I was too exhausted to take any more photos.

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Sarah J said...

I love ginger candy. You'll have to teach me how to make it sometime!