Thursday, October 1, 2009

A shortcut for roasting garlic

I love the taste of roasted garlic, but I can't ever get it right. You're supposed to cut off the top of the garlic bulb, keeping all the cloves together, and then drizzle olive oil on top. But I can't ever get the cloves to stay together. And roasting garlic takes 45 minutes before you can even use it in the main part of the recipe.

So I cheat. Instead of roasting all the cloves together, I split them apart, removing the papery part of the garlic skin. Split apart, the cloves only take 20 minutes to roast.

To use them, just cut off the tops with kitchen scissors and squeeze out the insides.


Bonnie said...

Good to know! I'm definitely going to try that next time I need roasted garlic but don't really feel like waiting very long.

Chile said...

I've cheated, too, by grilling them on my electric George Foreman grill. I break the head apart but leave the cloves in their skin. Grilled garlic doesn't taste exactly like roasted, but similar enough to be worth the speed of doing it this way. (Plus, no oil and a lot less energy than firing up the whole oven for garlic.)

If my hubby ever gets around to building me a super-hot solar oven, I'll try it that way instead!

Anonymous said...

That does sound easy, I usually try and remember to put some in if I am making a pot pie or something else savory and baked.

I can't wait to see your to 10!

Danielle said...

Excuse my while I wipe the drool from my keyboard! I love love love garlic this way. If you get super keen you can even squeeze all the garlicy goodness out and whip it up with some canola oil to use as a spread on bread as a version of garlic bread. Sooooo good. :)