Friday, December 11, 2009

The Words Out of My Mouth

I don't often repost others' material, but Robert Steinback said what I feel about health care better than I've ever said it. Health care coverage in the U.S. has had a profound impact on my life. It helped me decide what sort of jobs I should persue (ones at big corporations with good insurance plans). It chose the day I would be married (just before I quit my previous job). Hopefully, it will never choose the day I die.

From the St. Petersburg Times, by Robert Steinback

I am scheduled to begin dying on Feb. 1, 2010.

Although I have been an insulin-dependent Type 1 diabetic for 22 years, my health has always been very good. My condition has never impaired my enjoyment of life; I've never had a diabetic emergency.

Luck, of course, has played a part, as has educating myself about diabetes management. By far, though, the single most critical element of my vitality has been excellent health insurance coverage.

That will end on Jan. 31, the day my COBRA insurance benefits run out.

Read the rest of the article here.


Evelyn said...

That's very poignant.

dsharp88 said...

I'm sorry for Robert Steinback, and I hope he finds a job with good benefits soon, but I am relieved to realize (on second reading of your post) that it wasn't YOU who was running out of COBRA benefits on Feb.1, 2010.

It's amazing that in this unified struggle against death that all humanity share that there is so much centralized... (greed? hatred? fear of losing power? I don't know... pick one or more)... in so few, but who wield such significant power and money that they can manipulate so many weak individuals into giving so many of us up to death before our time.

Thank you for sharing this, Molly.

Barbara Feder Ostrov said... has an interview with Robert Steinback on this issue:

mollyjade said...

Thanks for passing that along, Barbara.