Thursday, December 3, 2009


Texas FREAKS OUT when it snows. Or "snows". Once when I was a kid, they canceled school because there was snow forecast. It didn't snow. Snow-less snow day!

But the freak out is somewhat justified. There aren't any snow plows, no one keeps salt around for sidewalks or streets, and few people know how to drive in the snow. The city puts a bit of sand on the bridges, but that doesn't really do anything. We're just not prepared for winter weather.

There are some plusses to the insanity though. No salt to clean off your shoes or pants. Cars don't rust. And you have an excuse to stay home cuddled up in blankets with a mug of hot chocolate.

I'm off for the pre-snow grocery trip, mostly because Desmond is just about out of cat food. I'm also getting,

jasmine rice
plant milk (whatever is lowest fat)
green onions

Not exactly the standard milk, bread, and alcohol, huh?

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dsharp88 said...

Milk - nope; got plenty o' soy milk.
Bread - nope; have sliced whole wheat, buns, and bagels.
Alcohol - A HA!

Snow/frozen sleet is actually a possibility Friday night in New Orleans when a cold front passes.