Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Creative Chicken Salad Sandwich

Edit: This is a guest post by my friend E

So, this one is really like a salad stuck between two pieces of bread, but it's refreshingly light and simple.

Basically, throw some grilled chicken pieces, some diced apples, whatever kind of nut you have on hand, spinach leaves and balsamic vinaigrette in a bowl. Mix it up, spread some herbed cheese (or cream cheese with some Italian seasoning and garlic salt mixed in) on both pieces of bread, and then do your best to get the stuff in the bowl in between the pieces of bread. Voila, you're done.

My friend Kristin likes it with the CapriSun, but she's pregnant, so who knows if it's really any good.

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mollyjade said...

When you said chicken salad, I was thinking chunks of meat and lots of mayonnaise. You totally fooled me.